whAT the hell IS spitlip?

SpitLip is a musical theatre collaboration between three members of award-winning comedy troupe Kill the Beast - Zoe Roberts, David Cumming and Natasha Hodgson - and glam-punk composer and band leader Felix Hagan. Having collaborated on several Kill the Beast shows as well as UK tours for Felix Hagan And The Family, we're excited to smash comedy into rock into pop into horror, and see what comes out the other side. 

Between us, we have performed all over the world, featured on BBC Radio, written for stage and screen, and spent a lot of time in a lot of different vans. Operation Mincemeat is our first full-length show as a company. 

Scorchingly talented
— Time Out on Kill the Beast
One of the most enigmatic and unique artists you’ll ever hear blasting from your speakers
— Loaded on Felix Hagan & The Family